Front row cornets

A brass band has more cornets than any other instrument with 10 being the normal compliment. The front row cornets usually take the lead with the melodies in most music.


Craig Chapman - Principal Cornet

Craig hails from Wales but studied at the University of Salford from 1994-97. This is where he gained his brass band experience under the tuition of John Hudson and David King. He has played his way through most sections of the brass band world. He states his favourite moments were winning the Grand Shield with Cwmaman Institute conducted by John Hudson as well as playing principal cornet at the Wessex Youth Brass Band under Derek Broadbent. 
He has had a bit of a break from brass bands over the last 10 years but has been playing lots of trumpet in all sorts of interesting bands and groups from Folk to Funk and lots more. 

He loves to produce his own music and has spent many years learning the guitar and setting up his home recording studio. Yes, he is music mad! He even wrote a soundtrack for a BBC film that was broadcast on BBC2 Wales. 


Martin Shelley - 1st Cornet

Martin has been playing in the band since 1992 and has played in every position on the back row before moving to the front row in 2007. 


Amy Richardson - 1st Cornet

The first time Amy picked up a brass instrument was in 2005 and after three months of tuition Amy joined the band and went on to win the Most Improved Player of the Year award for 2008. Anyone who wonders whether they can learn to play a new instrument as an adult should take this as proof that is can be done! Amy keeps herself busy with her day job as a solicitor.