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Euphoniums and Baritones

Despite looking similar and being of the same pitch, Baritones and Euphoniums belong to two different families of instruments. The Baritone being part of the smaller horn family while the Euphonium is part of the larger tuba (bass) family

Christian Chadwick - Principal Euphonium
Christian joined us soon after finishing University when he started working at Worthing hospital as a pharmacist in the children's wards. In November 2014 Christian moved jobs to a more lucrative position in the City. He comes from a family of brass-banders and previously played for Wantage band. When not playing Christian is part of the unofficial band pub quiz team and is the band's Contest Secretary.

Danny Crawford - Euphonium
Danny has been playing in the band since his school days, thus making him one of the longest serving members. He is one of the elite few who have celebrated (or commiserated) over 25 years in the band. He originally started in the band playing cornet, then moved to soprano and then onto Euphonium, where he has stayed for about the last 20 years other than a couple of breaks from the band and helping out on Baritone every now and then.

Jenny Scholes - 1st Baritone
Jenny started playing Tenor Horn at the age of 8 through lessons provided in primary school. After moving to Derbyshire when 10 she played for a short time for Ireland Colliery B band before joining the school senior band when she started secondary school. She then played for Darley Dale band for a few years before taking a break while at University. She moved to Brighton in 2001 and joined the band on 2nd Horn. Since then she has worked up to Solo Horn and then moved to Baritone in 2012. As a day job Jenny works for American Express as a Senior Business Analyst.

2nd Baritone
We currently have a vacancy for 2nd Baritone - if you wish to come and join us please contact us HERE