Brighton & Hove City Brass

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The horns provide the warm sound in the middle of the band. Four places make up the horn section, a Flugel Horn (B-flat) and three Tenor Horns (E-flat).

Connie Chadwick - Flugel
Connie joined us in October 2015 initially on the front row cornet section but when we found ourselves short of a flugel player decided a change of seat may be quite challenging. In fact, it was like a duck taking to water as Connie has now settled well and made the change as if second nature.

Jenny Ireland - Solo Horn
Jenny joined the band back in 1988 on cornet having played for her local band since the age of 8. She started on 2nd cornet and worked her way up to the position of 2nd man down for a number of years, even doing a stint on principal. She joined Horsham band in 2000 as 2nd man down and progressed to principal at Hangleton band in 2002.

In 2003 Jenny decided to hang up her cornet after 21 years and take up the tenor horn, taking the position of Solo Horn at Brighton but has also been known to fill spaces on Euphonium, Cornet and Flugel when needed. In November 2014 Jenny very kindly agreed to temporarily move to cover the Solo Cornet line. She is married to Jon Ireland our percussionist.

VACANCY - First Horn
We currently have a vacancy for a FIRST HORN so if you want to give us go contact us HERE

Charles Slaney - Second Horn
Charles is a computer analyst/programmer and avid follower of the England National Football team. Charles joined the band back in the 70's but took a 9 year sabbatical when he moved to University in London. He returned to the band in 1991 playing horn. He spent 10 years as our principal Bb Bass player but has now returned to the horn section.