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Front Row Cornets

A brass band has more cornets than any other instrument with 10 being the normal compliment. The front row cornets usually take the lead with the melodies in most music.

Craig Chapman (Principal Cornet)
Craig hails from Wales but studied at the University of Salford from 1994-97. This is where he gained his brass band experience under the tuition of John Hudson and David King. He has played his way through most sections of the brass band world. He states his favourite moments were winning the Grand Shield with Cwmaman Institute conducted by John Hudson as well as playing principal cornet at the Wessex Youth Brass Band under Derek Broadbent. 

He has had a bit of a break from brass bands over the last 10 years but has been playing lots of trumpet in all sorts of interesting bands and groups from Folk to Funk and lots more. This year he played the Hay Festival with Cerys Matthews & The Green Man festival with John Mouse.

He loves to produce his own music and has spent many years learning the guitar and setting up his home recording studio. Yes, he is music mad! Last year he wrote a soundtrack for a BBC film that was broadcast on BBC2 Wales. 

He says he is now itching to get himself back into brass band music and feels honoured to be playing with Brighton & Hove City Brass Band.

Martin Shelley
Martin has been playing in the band since 1992 and has played in every position on the back row before moving to the front row in 2007. Martin has spent several years on the committee but stepped down following the birth of his daughter Rhiannon in 2013.

Andy Wooler
Whilst Andy has only recently joined us, he has been contesting with the band for at least 15 years!

He brings with him a wealth of diverse experience having been active across many genres from Big bands through to Orchestral. He studied at the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall during a 6 year spell in The Parachute Regiment. Andy is currently Chair of The Sussex Symphony Orchestra, MD of travelling band "Coronation Brass" and still plays on a regular basis with Cologne Concert Brass in Germany where he spent the last 4 years prior to returning to live in Brighton.

Highlights of his career to date include appearances on The Wogan Show, being part of a one time Guinness Book of records entry for the biggest marching band at Wembley Stadium, conducting the "Midsomer Brass Band" in the TV series and playing in the top section at the German national finals in 2016. 

Outside of banding and work, Andy is most likely to be found at The London Stadium supporting his beloved Hammers!

Claire Pickard
Another welcome addition to our front row is Claire who joined us in July 2016. Claire also has heaps of experience in brass and concert bands.


Back Row Cornets

A brass band has more cornets than any other instrument with 10 being the normal compliment. On the back row a full line up is the Repiano, two seconds and two thirds taking the harmony parts.

Over the top of all this is the soprano cornet, the highest pitched instrument in the band.

Jonathan Skinner  - Soprano Cornet
Jonno joined the band in 2007 on back row cornet and has taken on the challenge of the sop part in the last couple of years. Jonno is our treasurer and is also a member of the Sussex branch of CAMRA so can always point us in the direction of a good beer!

Liz Weedon - Repiano Cornet
Biography to follow

Elspeth Hackett -  2nd Cornet
Elspeth joined the band in the summer of 2007 after playing for a band in Croydon for several years. She was 'persuaded' to join us by her husband Matthew who happens to be the current conductor of the band!

Amy Richardson - 2nd Cornet
The first time Amy picked up a brass instrument was in 2005 and after three months of tuition Amy joined the band and went on to win the Most Improved Player of the Year award for 2008. Anyone who wonders whether they can learn to play a new instrument as an adult should take this as proof that is can be done! Amy keeps herself busy with her day job as a solicitor.

Hilary Lowe - 3rd Cornet
After a long absence Hilary rejoined the band in the summer of 2006. She has been a member of the band on and off for almost 20 years. She has two grown up daughters, one of whom until recently was the band librarian before leaving Sussex to travel around Australia and New Zealand and then returning to take up the position of band librarian again.



Euphoniums and Baritones

Despite looking similar and being of the same pitch, Baritones and Euphoniums belong to two different families of instruments. The Baritone being part of the smaller horn family while the Euphonium is part of the larger tuba (bass) family

Christian Chadwick - Principal Euphonium
Christian joined us soon after finishing University when he started working at Worthing hospital as a pharmacist in the children's wards. In November 2014 Christian moved jobs to a more lucrative position in the City. He comes from a family of brass-banders and previously played for Wantage band. When not playing Christian is part of the unofficial band pub quiz team and is the band's Contest Secretary.

Kevin O'Shea - 2nd Euphonium

Biography to follow

Danny Crawford - 1st Baritone
Danny has been playing in the band since his school days, thus making him one of the longest serving members. He is one of the elite few who have celebrated (or commiserated) over 25 years in the band. He originally started in the band playing cornet, then moved to soprano and then onto Euphonium and then to baritone after a short break.

Andy Burchett - 2nd Baritone

Biography to follow


The horns provide the warm sound in the middle of the band. Four places make up the horn section, a Flugel Horn (B-flat) and three Tenor Horns (E-flat).

Connie Chadwick - Flugel
Connie joined us in October 2015 initially on the front row cornet section but when we found ourselves short of a flugel player decided a change of seat may be quite challenging. In fact, it was like a duck taking to water as Connie has now settled well and made the change as if second nature.

Jenny Ireland - Solo Horn
Jenny joined the band back in 1988 on cornet having played for her local band since the age of 8. She started on 2nd cornet and worked her way up to the position of 2nd man down for a number of years, even doing a stint on principal. She joined Horsham band in 2000 as 2nd man down and progressed to principal at Hangleton band in 2002.

In 2003 Jenny decided to hang up her cornet after 21 years and take up the tenor horn, taking the position of Solo Horn at Brighton but has also been known to fill spaces on Euphonium, Cornet and Flugel when needed. In November 2014 Jenny very kindly agreed to temporarily move to cover the Solo Cornet line. She is married to Jon Ireland our percussionist.

Jenny Scholes - 1st Horn
Jenny started playing Tenor Horn at the age of 8 through lessons provided in primary school. After moving to Derbyshire when 10 she played for a short time for Ireland Colliery B band before joining the school senior band when she started secondary school. She then played for Darley Dale band for a few years before taking a break while at University. She moved to Brighton in 2001 and joined the band on 2nd Horn. Since then she has worked up to Solo Horn and then moved to Baritone in 2012. As a day job Jenny works for American Express as a Senior Business Analyst.

Jenny Alderton - Second Horn

Biography to follow


Trombones are the only non valved brass instrument in the band. The two tenor trombones have the same pitch as the baritones & euphoniums, and are very versatile ranging from a jazzy to sharp fanfare like sound. The bass trombone has a larger bore and tends to play the lower parts with the basses.

Sarah Bournville - 1st Trombone

Biography to follow

Iso Aplin  - 2nd Trombone

Biography to follow

Dave Hush - Bass Trombone

Dave moved from Eb bass to fill a gap in the trombone section. He currently works in the City and enjoys spending his spare time playing with his young son Harvey and daughter Lottie. He is currently on the band committee and is the band's Chairman.